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Succesful partnerships

402 Automotive

Over the past 5 years, shared efforts have led to the successful marketing and implementation of various names, including: World of Cars (with DAY1), 100% Auto Live and Supercar Madness.

For over 25 years, 402 has been the industry leader in auto shows. Whether it concerns supercars, tuning, classics, youngtimers, hotrods or racing cars. It organizes dozens of events for every ‘petrolhead’ on Circuit Zandvoort, TT Assen, Ahoy Rotterdam and Jaarbeurs Utrecht, among others.

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Succesful partnerships

Bartels Academy

Together with our partner Gijs Bartels, we further shape Proudhorses. With our expanding network, we are able to achieve effective cross-pollination for our customers. Contact us and discover how this can be beneficial to you!

Established since 1972 in the beautiful Culitsrode Estate in Hooge Mierde, Brabant. There where everything revolves around and is dominated by the horses. The company was founded by Joep and Tineke Bartels, who transformed their vision into a renowned and internationally well-known name. It has now grown into not only an Olympic dressage stable, but a Media & Events agency as well.

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Succesful partnerships


We have been involved from the start, building this very platform in which the passion for cars is central. Our goal? Building a tight-knit community online and offline!

The first social app for petrolheads, where each car has its own page, fan base and updates. Share your best memories with others and easily get in touch with like-minded people!

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Succesful partnerships


An established ‘white-label’ of Proudwheels. However, Proudhorses offers a place where passionate horse lovers can come together, both professionals and amateurs/recreationists.

The first complete social app for the equestrian world: socializing, networking, exchanging experiences, following brands or influencers. Anything is possible! Whether you ride or own horses, create a unique profile of your four-legged pride and let others take a look at your virtual stable.

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Succesful partnerships

Van Poelgeest

For the largest BMW dealer in the Netherlands, it is important to tap into new markets, and to be visible where possible. That is why we connected them to online mediaplatform ‘Hart voor Auto’s’. As a result, a great collaboration came to life!

Every month, a BMW is highlighted in its own unique way. With ‘VP lettering’ the car shows up on different occasions where it is brought to the attention of a large car audience! Of course, we also opened up our network and brought in new business.

With branches in Amersfoort, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Heemstede, Hilversum, Naarden and Noordwijk, Van Poelgeest is the exclusive BMW and MINI dealer in the Randstad. The organization has more than 350 passionate employees who work in an open, informal atmosphere to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

Everything they do reflects the quality of the brands. As a result, BMW and MINI drivers feel at home at Van Poelgeest – and they also attract drivers from other brands. Van Poelgeest has worked on sustainable relationships with customers ever since 1964.

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Succesful partnerships

KNAF Digital

Part of the KNAF Digital sales team, where the aim is to have companies join as a partner of the platform. We use our extensive network, and reach out to others with ‘cold acquisition’.

The place where motorsport enthusiasts and gamers come together online. Here they can race with and against each other in their favorite racing games, improve their skills and follow the latest news about (digital) racing and its official competitions.

Above all, KNAF Digital is a community hub where people meet and talent of the future gets discovered. From beginners to advanced professionals. Everyone can race digitally here! Curious about what this platform can bring to your company, when it comes to digital awareness? Please feel free to contact us.

Online platform KNAF Digital is part of the Dutch motorsport association KNAF. It is also supported by the NOC*NSF.

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Succesful partnerships

BG Sportpromotion GmbH

We are ‘spreading our wings’ internationally and will be organizing leading automotive events in the coming years. In 2023 we entered into a partnership with BG Sportpromotion, who have been organizing events in German-speaking countries for years. Our first highlight was the Salzburgring in September of 2023 with a new concept named ‘SpeedSenses, Festival of (E)Motions’.

BG Sportpromotion stands for competence, passion and emotion in the field of sporting events, reflected in their 3 pillars – sporting events | incentives | project development & support. They want to bring out the best in their customers/participants and give them MORE value. The highest quality, innovation, personality and authenticity are crucial to them!

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Succesful partnerships

Team Caresani

Together with talented driver Colin Caresani, the people of Connectixx use their strength to gather sponsors and establish his name both outside and inside the paddock.

Colin started karting at a young age and soon knew that he wanted to keep doing this forever. After his successful start, winning international races, it was time to climb the ladder in motorsport.

In 2020 he earned his first national championship, with a pole position and two race-wins in the opening round as highlights. Naturally he attracted the attention of numerous teams. As a result, he was invited to participate in the BMW M2 Cup for the second half of the season, scoring the most points in the remaining races. Together with BMW Factory Team ‘Project 1’, he then competed in the DTM Trophy, known as one of the toughest GT4 series worldwide, where they just missed out on the championship.

With three seasons of motorsport behind them, and having fought for the title every year, it is only logical they take it a step further in 2023; driving in the GT3-series.

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Succesful partnerships

HAYA Lifestyle & Clinics

Together with Husham Al-Kaillany (Automatties) we market the new ‘HAYA Lifestyle’ concept; a complete productline of lifestyle essentials – all made of beautiful carbon material .

Professional assistant in the care and maintenance of your teeth and skin! Her dentists, dental hygienists and specialists are available every day. HAYA Clinics ensures a professional and personal approach during your visit to the clinic. It also provides tips on how to best care for your own body.

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What we do

New name, new company! Yet more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in various segments and with different audiences. We feel at home in sales, marketing, networking and events - giving you that flexibility in our partnership.

Connectixx has gained its knowledge and expertise through projects, both at home and abroad, and can therefore be of great value to any company. Does your company lack a solid salesplan? Our team will support you! Seeking more brand awareness? Then too, we can help you take the next step with your business.

Through a wide network that we have built over the past few years, we put you in touch with the right party. Our people have already found the perfect connection for a wide range of parties!
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What we offer

Our different services explained.

Professional Coaching

New to business or simply open to a different perspective? With 30 years of experience in commercial and strategic thinking, we are committed to finding the optimal approach. Tailored to you.

Sales / Networking

Based on various real-world business cases in Europe, we bring the added competences and a network to match you with ambitious minds who can cater to your specific interests.


Discover an all-embracing eventing program that fits to your exact needs. Through a balanced set of partners, we ensure unforgettable experiences and more engagement with your audience.

Why choose us?

  • Experience that really matters
With over 30 years of entrepreneurial understanding, Connectixx brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that your investment will be backed by seasoned professionals.
  • Versatility with endless possibilities
Connectixx is a adaptable company that excels in sales, marketing, networking, and events. By investing in us, you gain access to a wide range of services and endless possibilities to meet your business objectives.
  • Extensive network
Through our network built over the years, Connectixx has the ability to connect your company with the right resources and parties. This invaluable web of expertise can help you expand your reach, increase brand awareness, and forge new strategic partnerships.
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Connectixx leader

Patrick Pollemans

Founder, Sales & Network Director
Kevin Pollemans

Kevin Pollemans

Media Advisor
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